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Bovine tuberculosis Publications Database

Bovine tuberculosis Publications Database is an online system designed to list the new scientific publications related to diagnostic techniques (culture, extraction & identification, molecular characterisation and interferon gamma detection) for bovine tuberculosis.


Periodic searches will be carried out in scientific databases and an e-mail will be sent automatically to all NRLs/EC with the latest updates. A link to the publications will be available.

Last Publications

  • 08/06/2018
  • McKinley TJ, Lipschutz-Powell D, Mitchell AP, Wood JLN, Conlan AJK. Risk factors and variations in detection of new bovine tuberculosis breakdowns via slaughterhouse surveillance in Great Britain. PLoS One. 13(6):e0198760. 2018.
  • 05/06/2018
  • Hansen RK, Nielsen LH, El Tholth M, Haesler B, Foddai A, Alban L. Comparison of Alternative Meat Inspection Regimes for Pigs From Non-Controlled Housing - Considering the Cost of Error. Front Vet Sci. 5:92. 2018.
  • 01/06/2018
  • Ghielmetti G, Friedel U, Scherrer S, Sarno E, Landolt P, Dietz O, Hilbe M, Zweifel C, Stephan R. Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria isolated from lymph nodes and faecal samples of healthy slaughtered cattle and the abattoir environment. Transbound Emerg Dis. 65(3):711-718. 2018.
  • 23/05/2018
  • Willeberg PW, McAloon CG, Houtsma E, Higgins I, Clegg TA, More SJ.The Herd-Level Sensitivity of Abattoir Surveillance for Bovine Tuberculosis: Simulating the Effects of Current and Potentially Modified Meat Inspection Procedures in Irish Cattle. Front Vet Sci. 5:82. 2018.
  • 30/03/2018
  • Azadi D, Motallebirad T, Ghaffari K, Shojaei H. Mycobacteriosis and Tuberculosis: Laboratory Diagnosis. Open Microbiol J. 12:41-58. 2018.
  • 24/05/2017
  • Bhembe NL, Jaja IF, Nwodo UU, Okoh AI, Green E. Prevalence of tuberculous lymphadenitis in slaughtered cattle in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Int J Infect Dis. 24;61:27-37. 2017.
  • 01/04/2017
  • Yates GF, Price-Carter M, Bland K, Joyce M, Khan F, Surrey M, de Lisle G. Comparison of the BBL mycobacteria growth indicator tube, the BACTEC 12B, and solid media for the isolation of Mycobacterium bovis. J Vet Diagn Invest. 29(4):508-5122017. 2017.
  • 01/08/2016
  • Thakur MK, Sinha DK, Singh BR. Evaluation of complementary diagnostic tools for bovine tuberculosis detection in dairy herds from India. Vet World. 9(8):862-8. 2016.
  • 07/03/2016
  • López V, Alberdi P, Mera IG, Barasona JA, Vicente J, Garrido JM, Torina A, Caracappa S, Lelli RC, Gortázar C, de la Fuente J. Evidence of co-infection with Mycobacterium bovis and tick-borne pathogens in a naturally infected sheep flock. Ticks Tick Borne Dis. 7(2):384-389. 2016.
  • 01/11/2015
  • Ramos DF, Silva PE, Dellagostin OA. Diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis: review of main techniques. Braz J Biol. 75(4):830-837. 2015.
    Extraction & identification
  • 03/12/2019
  • Swift BMC, Meade N, Barron ES, Bennett M, Perehenic T, Hughes V, Stevenson K, Rees CED. The development and use of Actiphage® to detect viable mycobacteria from bovine tuberculosis and Johne´s disease-infected animals. Microb Biotechnol. 2019.
  • 18/10/2019
  • Bacanelli G, Olarte LC, Silva MR, Rodrigues RA, Carneiro PAM, Kaneene JB, Pasquatti TN, Takatani H, Zumárraga MJ, Etges RN, Araújo FR, Verbisck NV. Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry identification of Mycobacterium bovis in Bovinae. J Vet Med Sci. 81(10):1400-1408. 2019.
  • 25/08/2019
  • Landolt P, Stephan R, Stevens MJA, Scherrer S. Three-reaction high-resolution melting assay for rapid differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex members. Microbiologyopen. 2019.
  • 19/06/2019
  • Chikamatsu K, Aono A, Kawai A, Hata H, Iwamoto T, Igarashi Y, Takaki A, Yamada H, Mitarai S. Evaluation of Q Gene Mycobacteria: A novel and easy nucleic acid chromatography method for mycobacterial species identification. J Microbiol Methods. 163:105657. 2019.
  • 30/04/2019
  • Elsayed MSAE, Amer A. The rapid detection and differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex members from cattle and water buffaloes in the delta area of Egypt, using a combination of real-time and conventional PCR. Mol Biol Rep. 46:3909-3919. 2019.
  • 04/03/2019
  • Lorente-Leal V, Liandris E, Castellanos E, Bezos J, Domínguez L, de Juan L, Romero B. Validation of a Real-Time PCR for the Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Members in Bovine Tissue Samples. Front Vet Sci. 6:61. 2019.
  • 12/02/2019
  • Landolt P, Stephan R, Scherrer S. Development of a new High Resolution Melting (HRM) assay for identification and differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex samples. Sci Rep. 9(1):1850. 2019.
  • 01/01/2019
  • Sweetline Anne N, Ronald BSM, Senthil Kumar TMA, Thangavelu A. Conventional and molecular determination of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis isolates in cattle. Tuberculosis (Edinb). 114:113-118. 2019.
  • 28/11/2018
  • Hermes R, Saragusty J, Moser I, Barth SA, Holtze S, Lecu A, Cracknell J, Williams D, Göritz F, Hildebrandt TB. Differential detection of tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacteria by qPCR in lavage fluids of tuberculosis-suspicious white rhinoceros. PLoS One. 13(11):e0207365. 2018.
  • 26/11/2018
  • Michelet L, de Cruz K, Karoui C, Tambosco J, Moyen JL, Hénault S, Boschiroli ML. Second line molecular diagnosis for bovine tuberculosis to improve diagnostic schemes. PLoS One. 13(11):e0207614. 2018.
  • 05/12/2019
  • Raffo E, Steuer P, Tomckowiack C, Tejeda C, Collado B, Salgado M. More insights about the interfering effect of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) infection on Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) detection in dairy cattle. Trop Anim Health Prod. 2019.
  • 30/11/2019
  • Palmer MV, Thacker TC, Rabideau MM, Jones GJ, Kanipe C, Vordermeier HM, Ray Waters W. Biomarkers of cell-mediated immunity to bovine tuberculosis. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 220:109988. 2019.
  • 30/11/2019
  • May E, Prosser A, Downs SH, Brunton LA. Exploring the Risk Posed by Animals with an Inconclusive Reaction to the Bovine Tuberculosis Skin Test in England and Wales. Vet Sci. 6(4). 2019.
  • 28/11/2019
  • Chandran A, Williams K, Mendum T, Stewart G, Clark S, Zadi S, McLeod N, Williams A, Villarreal-Ramos B, Vordermeier M, Maroudam V, Prasad A, Bharti N, Banerjee R, Manjari Kasibhatla S, McFadden J. Development of a diagnostic compatible BCG vaccine against Bovine tuberculosis. Sci Rep.9(1):17791. 2019.
  • 22/10/2019
  • Zewude A, Mohammed T, Terfassa L, Hunt WG, Pan X, Balada-Llasat JM, Gebreyes W, Torrelles JB, Wang SH, Ameni G. Evaluation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipoarabinomannan antigen assay and rapid serology blood test for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in Ethiopia. BMC Vet Res. 15(1):359. 2019.
  • 25/09/2019
  • Picasso-Risso C, Grau A, Bakker D, Nacar J, Mínguez O, Perez A, Alvarez J. Association between results of diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis and Johne´s disease in cattle. Vet Rec. 2019.
  • 29/08/2019
  • Corneli S, Corte L, Roscini L, Di Paolo A, Colabella C, Petrucci L, Severi G, Cagiola M, Mazzone P. Spectroscopic Characterization of Bovine, Avian and Johnin Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) with High-Throughput Fourier Transform InfraRed-Based Method. Pathogens. 8(3). 2019.
  • 15/08/2019
  • Chileshe J, Roos EO, Goosen WJ, Buss P, Hausler G, Rossouw L, Manemela T, van Helden P, Warren R, Parsons SD, Miller M. An interferon-gamma release assay for the diagnosis of the Mycobacterium bovis infection in white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 217:109931. 2019.
  • 13/08/2019
  • Steinbach S, Vordermeier HM, Jones GJ. Potential of the dual IFN-γ/IL-2 fluorescence-immunospot assay to distinguish different stages in bovine tuberculosis. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 217:109930. 2019.
  • 13/08/2019
  • Picasso-Risso C, Perez A, Gil A, Nunez A, Salaberry X, Suanes A, Alvarez J. Modeling the Accuracy of Two in-vitro Bovine Tuberculosis Tests Using a Bayesian Approach. Front Vet Sci. 6:261. 2019.
    Molecular characterisation
  • 17/12/2019
  • Crispell J, Benton CH, Balaz D, De Maio N, Ahkmetova A, Allen A, Biek R, Presho EL, Dale J, Hewinson G, Lycett SJ, Nunez-Garcia J, Skuce RA, Trewby H, Wilson DJ, Zadoks RN, Delahay RJ, Kao RR. Combining genomics and epidemiology to analyse bi-directional transmission of Mycobacterium bovis in a multi-host system. Elife. 208. pii: e45833. 2019.
  • 01/12/2019
  • Bigi M, Vazquez CL, Castelão ABC, García EA, Cataldi AA, Jackson M, McNeil M, Soria M, Zumárraga MJ, Cabruja M, Gago G, Blanco FC, Nishibe C, Almeida NF, de Araújo FR, Bigi F. Analysing nonsynonymous mutations between two Mycobacterium bovis strains with contrasting pathogenic profiles. Vet Microbiol. 239:108482. 2019.
  • 29/11/2019
  • Skuce R, Breadon E, Allen A, Milne G, McCormick C, Hughes C, Rutherford D, Smith G, Thompson S, Graham J, Harwood R, Byrne A. Longitudinal dynamics of herd-level Mycobacterium bovis MLVA type surveillance in cattle in Northern Ireland 2003-2016. Infect Genet Evol. 79:104131. 2019.
  • 29/11/2019
  • Palaniyandi K, Kumar N, Veerasamy M, Kabir Refaya A, Dolla C, Balaji S, Baskaran D, Thiruvengadam K, Rajendran A, Narayanan S, Raj D, Swaminathan S, Peacock SJ. Isolation and comparative genomics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from cattle and their attendants in South India. Sci Rep. 9(1):17892. 2019.
  • 01/11/2019
  • Tortoli E, Meehan CJ, Grottola A, Fregni Serpini G, Fabio A, Trovato A, Pecorari M, Cirillo DM. Genome-based taxonomic revision detects a number of synonymous taxa in the genus Mycobacterium. Infect Genet Evol. 75:103983. 2019.
  • 01/10/2019
  • Sales ÉB, de Alencar AP, Hodon MA, Soares Filho PM, de Souza-Filho AF, Lage AP, Heinemann MB, Fonseca Júnior AA. Identification of clonal complexes of Mycobacterium bovis in Brazil. Arch Microbiol. 201(8):1047-1051. 2019.
  • 19/09/2019
  • Krajewska-Wędzina M, Weiner M, Anusz K, Augustynowicz-Kopeć E, Lipiec M, Szulowski K. Human as a potential vector of bovine tuberculosis in cattle. Ann Agric Environ Med. 26(3):396-399. 2019.
  • 07/08/2019
  • Mekonnen D, Derbie A, Chanie A, Shumet A, Biadglegne F, Kassahun Y, Bobosha K, Mihret A, Wassie L, Munshea A, Nibret E, Yimer SA, Tønjum T, Aseffa A. Molecular epidemiology of M. tuberculosis in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Tuberculosis (Edinb). 118:101858. 2019.
  • 08/07/2019
  • Borgers K, Ou JY, Zheng PX, Tiels P, Van Hecke A, Plets E, Michielsen G, Festjens N, Callewaert N, Lin YC. Reference genome and comparative genome analysis for the WHO reference strain for Mycobacterium bovis BCG Danish, the present tuberculosis vaccine. BMC Genomics. 20(1):561. 2019.
  • 04/06/2019
  • Shockey AC, Dabney J, Pepperell CS. Effects of Host, Sample, and in vitro Culture on Genomic Diversity of Pathogenic Mycobacteria. Front Genet. 10:477. 2019.
  • 31/12/2019
  • Amato L, Mulatti P, Pacciarini M, Schiavon E, Zanoni M, Bonfanti L. Mycobacterium caprae in a dairy farm in Northeast Italy. Vet Ital. 55(4):375-379. 2019.
  • 30/12/2019
  • Howell AK, McCann CM, Wickstead F, Williams DJL. Co-infection of cattle with Fasciola hepatica or F. gigantica and Mycobacterium bovis: A systematic review. PLoS One. 14(12):e0226300. 2019.
  • 21/12/2019
  • Risalde MA, Roy Á, Bezos J, Pineda C, Casal C, Díez-Guerrier A, Lopez-Villalba I, Fernández-Manzano Á, Moreno I, de Juan L, Domínguez L, Gortazar C. Hypervitaminosis D has no positive effects on goat tuberculosis and may cause chronic renal lesions. Vet Rec. 185(24):759. 2019.
  • 17/12/2019
  • Wright K, Plain K, Purdie A, Saunders BM, de Silva K. Biomarkers for detecting resilience against mycobacterial disease in animals. Infect Immun. 88(1). pii: e00401-19. 2019.
  • 17/12/2019
  • Ford AK, Niedringhaus KD, Anderson AN, LaCour JM, Nemeth NM. Disseminated Mycobacterium kansasii infection in a white-tailed deer and implications for public and livestock health. J Vet Diagn Invest. 1040638719895475. 2019.
  • 12/12/2019
  • Guétin-Poirier V, Rivière J, Dufour B. Cost-effectiveness of two different protocols for animal tracing investigations of bovine tuberculosis outbreaks in France. Prev Vet Med. 175:104868. 2019.
  • 11/12/2019
  • Dibaj R, Shojaei H, Narimani T. Identification and molecular characterization of mycobacteria isolated from animal sources in a developing country. Acta Trop. 204:105297. 2019.
  • 10/12/2019
  • Acevedo P, Prieto M, Quirós P, Merediz I, Juan L, Infantes-Lorenzo JA, Triguero-Ocaña R, Balseiro A. Tuberculosis Epidemiology and Badger (Meles meles) Spatial Ecology in a Hot-Spot Area in Atlantic Spain. Pathogens. 8(4). pii: E292. 2019.
  • 01/12/2019
  • de la Cruz ML, Pozo P, Grau A, Nacar J, Bezos J, Perez A, Dominguez L, Saez JL, Minguez O, de Juan L, Alvarez J. Assessment of the sensitivity of the bovine tuberculosis eradication program in a high prevalence region of Spain using scenario tree modeling. Prev Vet Med. 173:104800. 2019.
  • 01/12/2019
  • Napp S, Ciaravino G, Pérez de Val B, Casal J, Saéz JL, Alba A. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the surveillance system for tuberculosis in cattle in Spain. Prev Vet Med. 173:104805. 2019.