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mycoDB.eu European Database of Animal Mycobacteriosis

DVR-spoligotyping is still considered as the routine molecular characterization technique for members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC). The Animal Health mbovis.org database generates the profiles and provides useful information for epidemiological studies.

During 2017, the EU-RL for Bovine Tuberculosis has designed a specific European database called mycoDB.eu. The purpose was to collect all the characterization data regarding M. tuberculosis complex isolates from animal origin in Europe. This will allow the registration of the spoligotypes identified in each Member State per year and animal species, and therefore will facilitate future epidemiological studies between Member States.

Collection of molecular data from animal TB cases from the Member States and maintenance of the molecular database (mycoDB.eu) to have an updated map of the different spoligoytes in each Member State for epidemiological studies.

Spoligotype search (restricted to NRLs).