Which parasite am I?

Here you can start to play learning Parasitology. At the time you play, you will learn the names, concepts and images. Remember , there are two games: The game of clues and the game of images.

Clues or images will appear one by one until the student guess the parasite (Genus or species in most of the cases). You will start with the maximum score and each clue/image employed means one point less. Each failure is one point less. The lesser number of images and clues to correctly guess the parasite, the highest score.

Guess What Parasite?

Remember to use the Taxonomy to literally use the correct name!.

The information is reinforced with the Fact sheets of each parasite.


Project of Innovation and Teaching Quality Improvement 175-2019


  • Mª Teresa Gómez Muñoz
  • Iris Azami Conesa
  • Javier Hernández Carrillo
  • Lucía de Juan Ferré
  • Mónica Luzón Peña
  • Rafael Alberto Martínez Diaz
  • Sonia Olmeda García


  • Facultad de Veterinaria UCM
    • Departamento de Sanidad Animal
  • Facultad de Medicina UCM
    • Departamento de Medicina Preventiva
  • Centro VISAVET UCM