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EURL for bovine tuberculosis
Newsletter 15 (2018-3 Quarter)
Extraction & identification
  • 01/09/2018
  • Domínguez-Zepahua M, Hernández-Arteaga S, López-Revilla R. Genotyping based on thermal denaturation of amplification products identifies species of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. J Med Microbiol. 67(9):1310-1320. 2018.
  • 21/09/2018
  • Fontana S, Pacciarini M, Boifava M, Pellesi R, Casto B, Gastaldelli M, Koehler H, Pozzato N, Casalinuovo F, Boniotti MB. Development and evaluation of two multi-antigen serological assays for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in cattle. J Microbiol Methods. 153:118-126. 2018.
  • 13/08/2018
  • Infantes-Lorenzo JA, Whitehead CE, Moreno I, Bezos J, Roy A, Domínguez L, Domínguez M, Salguero FJ. Development and Evaluation of a Serological Assay for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Alpacas and Llamas. Front Vet Sci. 5:189. 2018.
  • 01/08/2018
  • Lahuerta-Marin A, Milne MG, McNair J2 Skuce RA, McBride SH, Menzies FD, McDowell SJW, Byrne AW, Handel IG, de C Bronsvoort BM. Bayesian latent class estimation of sensitivity and specificity parameters of diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis in chronically infected herds in Northern Ireland. Vet J. 238:15-21. 2018.
  • 01/08/2018
  • Díez-Guerrier A, Roy A, de la Cruz ML, Sáez JL, Sanz C, Boschiroli ML, Romero B, de Juan L, Domínguez L, Bezos J. Evaluation of the use of a needle-free injection syringe as a cause of non-specific reactions in the intradermal tuberculin test used for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis. Res Vet Sci. 119:56-60. 2018.
  • 01/07/2018
  • Clarke C, Cooper D, Goosen WJ, McFadyen R, Warren RM, van Helden PD, Parsons SDC, Miller MA. Antigen-specific interferon-gamma release is decreased following the single intradermal comparative cervical skin test in African buffaloes (Syncerus caffer). Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 201:12-15. 2018.
    Molecular characterisation
  • 23/08/2018
  • Perea Razo CA, Rodríguez Hernández E, Ponce SIR, Milián Suazo F, Robbe-Austerman S, Stuber T, Cantó Alarcón GJ. Molecular epidemiology of cattle tuberculosis in Mexico through whole-genome sequencing and spoligotyping. PLoS One. 13(8):e0201981. 2018.
  • 26/07/2018
  • Bouchez-Zacria M, Courcoul A, Durand B. The Distribution of Bovine Tuberculosis in Cattle Farms Is Linked to Cattle Trade and Badger-Mediated Contact Networks in South-Western France, 2007-2015. Front Vet Sci. 5:173. 2018.
  • 25/09/2018
  • Lipiec M, Nowakowski K, Radulski Ł, Iwaniak W, Ważna A. Badgers as a potential source of bovine tuberculosis - first studies in Poland. Ann Agric Environ Med. 25(3):409-410. 2018.
  • 21/09/2018
  • Ikuta CY, Reisfeld L, Silvatti B, Salvagni FA, de Paula CD, Pessier AP, Catão-Dias JL, Ferreira Neto JS. Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis infection in a captive-bred American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeiana). BMC Vet Res. 14(1):289. 2018.
  • 18/09/2018
  • Yahyaoui Azami H, Ducrotoy MJ, Bouslikhane M, Hattendorf J, Thrusfield M, Conde-Álvarez R, Moriyón I, Zúñiga-Ripa A, Muñoz Álvaro PM, Mick V, Bryssinckx W, Welburn SC, Zinsstag J. The prevalence of brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis in ruminants in Sidi Kacem Province, Morocco. PLoS One. 13(9):e0203360. 2018.
  • 06/09/2018
  • Kelly RF, Callaby R, Egbe NF, Williams DJL, Victor NN, Tanya VN, Sander M, Ndip L, Ngandolo R, Morgan KL, Handel IG, Mazeri S, Muwonge A, de C Bronsvoort BM.Association of Fasciola gigantica Co-infection With Bovine Tuberculosis Infection and Diagnosis in a Naturally Infected Cattle Population in Africa. Front Vet Sci. 5:214. 2018.
  • 04/09/2018
  • Černá P, O´Halloran C, SjatkovskaJ O, Gunn-Moore DA. Outbreak of Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis in a cattery of Abyssinian cats in Italy. Transbound Emerg Dis. 66(1):250-258. 2019.
  • 30/07/2018
  • O´Halloran C, Hope JC, Dobromylskyj M, Burr P, McDonald K, Rhodes S, Roberts T, Dampney R, De la Rua-Domenech R, Robinson N, Gunn-Moore DA. An outbreak of tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovis infection in a pack of English Foxhounds (2016-2017). Transbound Emerg Dis. 65(6):1872-1884. 2018.