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Newsletter 21
2020-1 Quarter

EURL for bovine tuberculosis
Newsletter 21 (2020-1 Quarter)
Extraction & identification
  • 01/03/2020
  • Ji L, Jiang Y, Li G, Zhao X, Wan K. A real-time PCR assay based on a specific mutation of PstS1 gene for detection of M. bovis strains. Biologicals. 64:23-27. 2020.
  • 25/03/2020
  • Kelley HV, Waibel SM, Sidiki S, Tomatis-Souverbielle C, Scordo JM, Hunt WG, Barr N, Smith R, Silwani SN, Averill JJ, Baer S, Hengesbach J, Yildiz VO, Pan X, Gebreyes WA, Balada-Llasat JM, Wang SH, Torrelles JB. Accuracy of Two Point-of-Care Tests for Rapid Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis at Animal Level using Non-Invasive Specimens. Sci Rep. 10(1):5441. 2020.
  • 03/03/2020
  • Courcier EA, Pascual-Linaza AV, Arnold ME, McCormick CM, Corbett DM, O´Hagan MJH, Collins SF, Trimble NA, McGeown CF, McHugh GE, McBride KR, McNair J, Thompson S, Patterson IAP, Menzies FD. Evaluating the application of the dual path platform VetTB test for badgers (Meles meles) in the test and vaccinate or remove (TVR) wildlife research intervention project in Northern Ireland. Res Vet Sci. 130:170-178. 2020.
  • 01/03/2020
  • Lyashchenko KP, Vordermeier HM, Waters WR. Memory B cells and tuberculosis. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 221:110016. 2020.
  • 01/02/2020
  • Griffa N, Moyano RD, Canal AM, Travería GE, Santangelo MP, Alonso N, Romano MI. Development and diagnostic validation of an ELISA based on an antigenic mixture for the detection of bovine tuberculosis. Vet J. 256:105426. 2020.
    Molecular characterisation
  • 02/03/2020
  • Inlamea OF, Soares P, Ikuta CY, Heinemann MB, Achá SJ, Machado A, Ferreira Neto JS, Correia-Neves M, Rito T. Evolutionary analysis of Mycobacterium bovis genotypes across Africa suggests co-evolution with livestock and humans. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 14(3):e0008081. 2020.
  • 11/02/2020
  • Valcheva V, Savova-Lalkovska T, Vyazovaya A, Dimitrova A, Bonovska M, Najdenski H. First insight into phylogeography of Mycobacterium bovis and M. caprae from cattle in Bulgaria. Infect Genet Evol. 81:104240. 2020.
  • 04/02/2020
  • Conceição MLD, Conceição EC, Furlaneto IP, Silva SPD, Guimarães AEDS, Gomes P, Boschiroli ML Michelet L, Kohl TA, Kranzer K, Francez LDC, Lima LNGC, Portugal I, Perdigão J, Lima KVB. Phylogenomic Perspective on a Unique Mycobacterium bovis Clade Dominating Bovine Tuberculosis Infections among Cattle and Buffalos in Northern Brazil. Sci Rep. 10(1):1747. 2020.
  • 31/01/2020
  • Loiseau C, Menardo F, Aseffa A, Hailu E, Gumi B, Ameni G, Berg S, Rigouts L, Robbe-Austerman S, Zinsstag J, Gagneux S, Brites D. An African origin for Mycobacterium bovis. Evol Med Public Health. 2020(1):49-59. 2020.
  • 01/01/2020
  • Reis AC, Albuquerque T, Botelho A, Cunha MV. Polyclonal infection as a new scenario in Mycobacterium caprae epidemiology. Vet Microbiol. 240:108533. 2020.
  • 30/03/2020
  • Sichewo PR, Vander Kelen C, Thys S, Michel AL. Risk practices for bovine tuberculosis transmission to cattle and livestock farming communities living at wildlife-livestock-human interface in northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 14(3):e0007618. 2020.
  • 23/03/2020
  • Zumla A, Yeboah-Manu D, Michel AL, Azhar EI, Torrelles JB, Cadmus SI, Kendall SL, Chakaya JM, Marais B, Kock R. Zoonotic tuberculosis-a call for an open One Health debate. Lancet Infect Dis. pii: S1473-3099(20)30166-3. 2020.
  • 10/03/2020
  • Pereira AC, Reis AC, Ramos B, Cunha MV. Animal tuberculosis: Impact of disease heterogeneity in transmission, diagnosis and control. Transbound Emerg Dis. 00:1-19. 2020.
  • 06/03/2020
  • Varela-Castro L, Torrontegi O, Sevilla IA, Barral M. Detection of Wood Mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) Carrying Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria Able to Infect Cattle and Interfere with the Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis. Microorganisms. 8(3). pii: E374. 2020.
  • 01/03/2020
  • Luciano SA, Roess A. Human zoonotic tuberculosis and livestock exposure in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review identifying challenges in laboratory diagnosis. Zoonoses Public Health. 67(2):97-111. 2020.
  • 10/01/2020
  • Arrazuria R, Ladero I, Molina E, Fuertes M, Juste R, Fernández M, Pérez V, Garrido J, Elguezabal N. Alternative Vaccination Routes against Paratuberculosis Modulate Local Immune Response and Interference with Tuberculosis Diagnosis in Laboratory Animal Models. Vet Sci. 2020 Jan 10;7(1). pii: E7. 2020.