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Call for M2 fellowship training in epidemiology

Madrid and Minnesota create a joint training program in animal health and food safety. Candidates will receive one year of specialized training including a stay at the University of Minnesota

August 7th, 2015

STEMMA research group at the University of Minnesota and VISAVET Centre of Complutense University of Madrid create a joint training program in animal health and food security areas, starting with the offer of scholarships for a year specialized training and stay in the laboratory of one of the most important research groups in epidemiology United States. M2 is promoted by the Program of Advanced Technologies in Health Surveillance (TAVS) of the Madrid Region Government


Those sciences graduatesi health and biological sciences, better qualified and interested in the  epidemiology, may be formed with the best specialists in the field making a stay at the University of Minnesota. The pre-selected students will compete with each other for two places for this stay and the drafting of a paper to be submitted for publication in a scientific journal. Students will apply during this time a predoctoral fellowship for a doctorate in Madrid or Minnesota, with co-supervision and stays in their respective institutions.


The objective of the program of excellence introduced here is to take advantage of capacities and promote synergies that go beyond those expected by the simple sum of existing capacities and resources in Minnesota and Madrid (M x M = M2). The cultural and geographical proximity with Latin American countries will also be considered in the implementation of this program.


One of the objectives of the M2 program is to facilitate the generation of knowledge and development of skills for young profesionals in the areas of human, public, and animal health to promote the prevention, control, and eradication of diseases. Scientists trained on this program are expected to play a leading role in the development and implementation of future epidemiological programs in the US, and Ibero-America (Spain, Latin America), and to facilitate primary production and trade through those economies.


Information on M2 Excellence Program and the bases of the call for training fellowships 2015 is available at the web address www.m2program.org. The deadline for candidates ends on September 4.






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Call for M2 fellowship training in epidemiology