4th Zoonotic Disease Symposium

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4th Zoonotic Disease Symposium

VISAVET function: participant

Organizer: Cornell University.

Place: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

City: Ithaca, New York

Country: United States of America

Date: September 6th-8th, 2013

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This year/`s Zoonotic Disease Symposium will focus on the use of biological agents as mechanisms of terrorism, along with methods of disease detection and widespread notification and control. Lectures, activities, and wet labs will provide attendees with knowledge about veterinary-related aspects of bioterrorism, as well as the importance of biosecurity and emergency preparedness. Together, these efforts will be useful to prevent the incidence and spread of such pathogens and protect associated animal and human populations and their surrounding environments. In light of recent events around the world, national governments and the general public have developed a heightened awareness about bioterrorism and the need for emergency preparedness. The economic cost of large scale animal disease outbreaks could be immense, involving direct losses to production and for control of the disease and maintenance of market access. Many zoonotic diseases also pose a threat to public health and could be easily acquired, either in nature or from laboratories, to be used as biological weapons. The release or threat of release of these zoonotic pathogens could also have significant economic and health impacts and result in social disruption, making such animal pathogens another attractive option for acts of terrorism

Cornell University

4th Zoonotic Disease Symposium