5th Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology

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5th Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology

VISAVET function: assistant and participant

Organizer: Wellcome Trust.

Place: Wellcome Trust Genome Campus

City: Hinxton

Country: United Kingdom

Date: May 6th-8th, 2015

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Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences is pleased to announce the 5th Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology conference. This meeting provides a multidisciplinary forum to showcase how advances in microbial and viral genomics, bioinformatics and sequencing technology are being translated to meet the needs of public health.
The programme will focus on the use of ‘second’- and ‘third’-generation sequencing technologies to understand microbial diversity and evolution, pathogenesis, virulence and host-pathogen interactions, within the context of public health microbiology. We will review the current experience of implementing sequence technology in routine frontline diagnostics and surveillance. Included in the programme will be ‘live’ interactive bioinformatics sessions, the opportunity for academic bioinformaticians working in this area to showcase the tools they have developed and foster technical bioinformatics discussions.
This conference attracts international participants working in a range of settings including diagnostic and reference microbiology and virology laboratories, research institutes, bioinformatics departments and surveillance centres. This year’s conference will have strong representation from clinical microbiologists and virologists and clinical bioinformaticians, to ensure appropriate migration of these technologies to diagnostic and surveillance applications.
We welcome the submission of abstracts from all areas relevant to the main themes of the meeting. Several oral presentations will be chosen from the submitted abstracts. In addition a number of abstracts will be chosen to give bioinformatics software demonstration/presentations during the ‘live’ bioinformatics showcase sessions