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Health Surveillance Centre (VISAVET). Complutense University

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I Scientific Congress VISAVET

VISAVET function: organizer and participant

Organizer: Centro de Vigilancia Sanitaria Veterinaria (VISAVET). Universidad Complutense (UCM)

VISAVET participant units:
Servicio de Calidad y Bioseguridad
Diagnosis, Identification and Molecular Characterization Unit
Information Technology and Communication Unit
Viral Immunology and Preventive Medicine Unit
Mycobacteria Unit
Foodborne Zoonoses and Antimicrobial Resistance Unit
Neglected and Emerging Diseases Unit
Madrid Emergency Veterinary Unit

Place: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. UCM.

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Date: Jun 24th-25th, 2010

Universidad Complutense

I Scientific Congress VISAVET