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September, 2007 news

September 17th, 2007

Sergio González Domínguez

Epidemiological Models Seminar

Epidemiological Models Seminar

UC Davis University of California

The next Thursday, September 20 at 12:30 will be a seminar on epidemiological models taught by professors Tim Carpenter and Andres Perez of the Davis University of California, in the Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. UCM.… Read more

September 1st, 2007

Via publiDB

Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Improvement of spoligotyping with additional spacer sequences for characterization of Mycobacterium bovis and M. caprae isolates from Spain

Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland) publish this investigation article

Spoligotyping is a typing tool used worldwide for epidemiological studies on Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex organisms; however it has received little attention regarding improvement of its discriminatory power (DP). In this study, we have evaluated a spoligotyping membrane prepared with 25 novel spacer sequences selected from a previous study [van der Zanden AG, Kremer K, Schouls LM. Improvement of differentiation and interpretability of spoligotyping for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates by introduction of new spacer oligonucleotides. J Clin Microbiol 2002;40:4628-39] on 308 M. … Read more

September 1st, 2007

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Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Characterization of Aerococcus viridans isolates from swine clinical specimens

Investigation published in Journal of Clinical Microbiology

We present here the biochemical and genetic characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility of 58 isolates of Aerococcus viridans isolated in pure culture from different clinical specimens of normally sterile body sites of pigs. A. viridans isolates were commonly susceptible to beta-lactam antimicrobials and exhibited a great genetic heterogeneity as determined by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis typing. The results indicate that A. viridans might be included in the list of possible etiological agents causing disease in pigs… Read more

September 1st, 2007

Via publiDB

La salmonela y el sector porcino

New article published in Cuadernos de la Tierra

La nomenclatura en este género ha sido tema de controversia y confusión, siendo modificada en numerosas ocasiones. Actualmente, y basándose en estudios moleculares, se considera que el género está formado por tres especies: Salmonella entérica, Salmonella bongori y Salmonella subterranea. A su vez, Salmonella enterica engloba seis subespecies: enterica (I), salamae (II), arizonae (IIIa), diarizonae (IIIb), houtenae (IV) e indica (VI). Los microorganismos de este género que más frecuentemente afectan a los animales domésticos y al hombre se engloban dentro de Salmonella enterica subsp. enteric… Read more

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