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Application of MALDI-TOF technique in the clinical microbiology and Agri-food field

MALDI-TOF technique has been traditionally used for proteomics studies, mainly, for the identification and characterization of proteins of interest. Recently, this analitycal technique has been demonstrated to be useful in the microbiology field not only for identification but also for characterization of microorganisms, mainly bacteria and fungi.


- Microbial identification based on the MALDI-TOF mass profile.

- Typing and subtyping studies susing MALDI-TOF approach.

- Protemic assays: usefulness in Veterinary/Food Safety

Start date: January 1st, 2014

Head of the research line:
Pérez Sancho, Marta

VISAVET unit involved:

•  Microbial Identification and Characterisation Unit (ICM)