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Diagnosis of swine brucellosis

Use of immunological diagnostic tests (detection of specific antibodies using rose bengale test and ELISA, experimental use of interferon-gamma detection assays) and bacteriology for the detection of infections caused by Brucella suis in swine and in wild boar.


  • Etiological and epidemiological diagnosis of infections caused by Brucella suis in swine
  • Optimization of techniques aiming at the detection of the cellular immune response for specific diagnosis of swine brucellosis
  • Detection of Brucella suis in wild reservoir
  • Implementation of molecular characterization techniques for the epidemiological analysis of outbreaks due to Brucella suis.

Start date: January 1st, 2010

Head of the research line:
Pérez Sancho, Marta

VISAVET unit involved:

•  Neglected and Emerging Diseases Unit (NED)

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