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Researchers and representatives of the meadow and hunting discuss tuberculosis

The purpose of the meeting is to present proposals for an integrated disease control in livestock and wildlife

February 16th, 2016



The Spanish Federation of Dehesa (FEDEHESA) and the Spanish Federation of Rural Landowners, producers Conservatives Hunting and Natural Environment (APROCA) met today in VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre of the Complutense University of Madrid, in order to raise a common strategy in the fight against tuberculosis, a zoonotic disease with multiple hosts.


The meeting was attended also representatives of both associations and researchers VISAVET Center, the research group SaBio (Health and Biotechnology) integrated into the Institute of Research in Game Resources (IREC) (CSIC-UCLM-JCCM) and the Department of Livestock ecological (Ecovalia) (UCO).


Among the conclusions of this working group it was agreed to prepare a document containing proposals for submission to the various administrations, so that efforts are unified and work for a single health policy in the fight against this disease, to ensure sustainability pasture, as a key element in the biodiversity of Mediterranean forest.

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