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Advanced Training School on Bayesian methods: Going beyond test evaluation and true prevalence estimation

July 12nd-14th, 2023

This 3-day event is a training school, part of the HARMONY COST Action 18208, training activities with didactic teaching and hands-on practical sessions and discussion, focusing on Bayesian statistics. The event goes beyond Bayesian methods for diagnostic test evaluation and true prevalence estimation and focuses on important aspects of Bayesian statistics, for example model selection, posterior predictive checking. This training school targets participants that have a basic understanding of Bayes theorem and with a strong interest advancing on Bayesian methods.

English is the working language of this training. Participants will be guided to use the statistical language R and JAGS so it’s highly recommended to bring their laptops. Pre-course preparation will also be provided to participants who want to follow the hands-on training sessions. Primary learning objectives of the school are that participants (i) become familiar with methods for planning the sample size of prospective diagnostic test evaluation studies (ii) understand, apply and interpret methods of evaluating the fit of Latent Class models (LCMs) and (iii) compare different approaches to specifying LCMs.

The first two days focus on important aspects of Bayesian methodology and participants will be guided to complete a set of exercises using R and JAGS. We have defined key discussion topics that will be presented and discussed in the last day (14 July). On this day participants will be able to join the discussion online and contribute


Centro VISAVET. Universidad Complutense (UCM)

Harmony COST Action

Universidad Complutense
Harmony COST Action



Ciudad: Madrid

País: España

Date: July 12nd-14th, 2023

Official website: https://harmony-net.eu/advanced-training-school-on-bayesian-methods/