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Antimicrobials course: Human and Veterinary perspective

Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Cáceres University. 10th to 12nd of July, 2007.

A course called "Antimicrobials course: Human and Veterinary perspective" will be held at the Veterinary Faculty of Cáceres from the 10th the 12nd of July, 2007. Antimicrobial use in human and veterinary medicine and it is possible interrelation which has a high impact in the public health. Antimicrobial resistance is a phenomenon that involves professionals of different areas, health care medicals, veterinarians and food developers. This course has been organized by the Complutense University of Madrid in association with Extremadura University, sponsored by Vodaphone Spain Fundation.

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Date: 10-12 of July, 2007.

Place: Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Cáceres.

Language: Spanish

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