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Zoonosis in the 21st century: Situation, Evolution and Control

Veterinary Faculty. Cáceres, 15 to 17 of July, 2008.

The course of "Zoonosis in the 21st century" is hold in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cáceres from 15th to 17th of July. The course will offer an insight into the current situation in Spain and Europe.

Futhermore the studies of the evolution of these zoonosis and the impact of climate change, new lifestyles and social reality on the development of theses diseases will be elucidated.

The role of the official veterinary services, the physicians, the media and organisms like the Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria and the European Food Safety Authority will be addressed.


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Date: 15-17 of July, 2008.

Place: Veterinary Faculty, Cáceres.

Language: Spanish

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