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The Complutense University (UCM) will continue providing the service SEVEMUR to the Madrid City Council

Both administrations have renewed their commitment to animal welfare and public health in Madrid

July 19th, 2016

“Madrid Salud”, the autonomous organization of the Madrid City Council, has renewed the contract for the collection and assistance of animals in public spaces in the municipality of Madrid with the Madrid Emergency Veterinary Unit (SEVEMUR).


The VISAVET Health Surveillance Center of the UCM provides since 2007 the SEVEMUR Service, in collaboration with the Animal Protection Center of “Madrid Salud”, with more than 17,000 performances, 19,000 effective collections and about 4,000 clinical services with great success from the animal health and animal welfare point of view.


SEVEMUR consists in a team of 11 veterinarians who provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service, which covers health surveillance and epidemiological and forensic control of collected animals, allows the epidemiological study of major infectious and parasitic diseases with relevance in public health, as well as associated risk factors, including vectors, by sampling and laboratory diagnosis. These studies are conducted with the cooperation of the Zoonosis Units of VISAVET, which also advise in the design of preventive and control programs of these diseases.


As a new feature, the Pathology and Forensic Veterinary Medicine Unit of VISAVET, will participate in delivering expert opinions concerning diseases with public health interest and possible situations of animal mistreating.


Besides its veterinary role, SEVEMUR accomplishes a mission of teaching and training future veterinarians through its participation in the internship and extramural training programs of students of the Veterinary Degree of the Veterinary Faculty of the UCM. It should also be noted, the important social role of SEVEMUR promoting awareness of citizens in matters of animal health, public health and animal protection, stimulating adoption and responsible ownership, especially in the most disadvantaged groups in society, through brochures, workshops and educational talks on cooperation with cultural centers and social services.



Madrid Emergency Veterinary Unit (SEVEMUR)


More information: www.sevemur.es

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