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The European Reference Laboratory for bovine tuberculosis holds its third workshop

The European Reference Laboratory (EURL) for bovine tuberculosis,  located in VISAVET , the Health Surveillance Centre  of Complutense University of Madrid , organized from 15 to 16 December 2011 a European meeting,  where will study the advances in diagnostic techniques and control of the disease, as well as achievements in standardization

December 15th, 2011

The eradication of infection in cattle by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex species causing disease remains one of the main objectives of the European Union, which annually spends significant efforts in reducing the levels of prevalence and incidence.
Despite the progress made with regard to understanding the pathogenesis of the disease and its possible diagnosis has not been achieved to eradicate, due to a number of factors that, in certain epidemiological contexts, complicate its control.
The variability inherent in the intradermal test, a diagnostic technique, which it is very difficult standardize.  It must be coordinated efforts by scientific community and government for its optimization. Similarly, the potential development of complementary diagnostic methods in certain situations opens new possibilities in the field of fight against the disease should be evaluated accordingly.
The meeting was attended representing DG Health and Consumers of the European Commission, the EURL, 23 national reference laboratories (NRLS) in Europe and the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain.

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Sergio González Domínguez

VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre
Complutense University