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Noticias de marzo de 2016

14 de marzo de 2016

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Control de Salmonella en avicultura. Asignatura de Sanidad animal: porcino, aves y conejos

Comunicación oral en Máster Universitario en Producción y Sanidad Animal

10 de marzo de 2016

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Oral chondroitin sulfate and prebiotics for the treatment of canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease: a randomized, controlled clinical trial

Artículo de investigación publicado en BMC Veterinary Research

BACKGROUND: Canine inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic enteropathy of unknown etiology, although microbiome dysbiosis, genetic susceptibility, and dietary and/or environmental factors are hypothesized to be involved in its pathogenesis. Since some of the current therapies are associated with severe side effects, novel therapeutic modalities are needed. A new oral supplement for long-term management of canine IBD containing chondroitin sulfate (CS) and prebiotics (resistant starch, β-glucans and mannaoligosaccharides) was developed to target intestinal inflammation and oxidative… Leer más

8 de marzo de 2016

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Conferencias Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

Brote de leishmaniosis en la Comunidad de Madrid. Reservorios animales atípicos en un nuevo ciclo de la enfermedad

Comunicación oral en Conferencias Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

Seminario en el Servicio de Microbiología y Parasitología del Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, en el que se expone el brote de leishmaniosis ocurrido en la Comunidad de Madrid desde 2010, la situación actual y las medidas adoptadas, haciendo especial hincapié en la descripción del papel de los nuevos reservorios animales descritos de esta enfermedad.… Leer más

2 de marzo de 2016

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Visita al Centro de Vigilancia Sanitaria Veterinaria (VISAVET)

Comunicación oral en Máster Universitario en Virología

1 de marzo de 2016

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Potential use of dietary fibre from Hibiscus sabdariffa and Agave tequilana in obesity management

Journal of Functional Foods publica este artículo de investigación

The anti-obesity potential of dietary fibre (DF) from Hibiscus sabdariffa (ground calyces) and Agave tequilana (agave-fructans) as an additive in the feed of animals subjected to a high fat diet was examined. Over a 5-week period, the effects of each DF alone, and in combination, were examined with respect to food intake, weight gain, adiposity, plasma metabolic profile, appetite regulation and inflammatory biomarkers in white and brown adipose tissue. Supplementation with the ground H. sabdariffa calyces was associated with a reduction in body weight, adiposity, plasma total cholesterol… Leer más

1 de marzo de 2016

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Screening of virulence-associated genes as a molecular typing method for characterization of Streptococcus suis isolates recovered from wild boars and pigs

Investigación publicada en The Veterinary Journal

Streptococcus suis is an important zoonotic pathogen associated with a wide range of diseases in pigs, but has also been isolated from wild animals such as rabbits and wild boars. In the current study, 126 S. suis isolates recovered from pigs (n = 85) and wild boars (n = 41) were tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the presence of nine virulence-associated genes. S. suis isolates from wild boars were differentiated by the lower detection rates of the epf, sly, mrp, sao and dltA genes (0%, 2.4%, 2.4%, 4.8% and 21.9%, respectively) compared with the isolates fro… Leer más

1 de marzo de 2016

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Identification of the main quinolone resistance determinant in Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli by MAMA-DEG PCR

Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease publica este artículo de investigación

Among zoonotic diseases, campylobacteriosis stands out as the major bacterial infection producing human gastroenteritis. Antimicrobial therapy, only recommended in critical cases, is challenged by resistance mechanisms that should be unambiguously detected for achievement of effective treatments. Quinolone (ciprofloxacin) resistance of C. jejuni and C. coli, the two main Campylobacter detected in humans, is conferred by the mutation gyrA C-257-T, which can be genotyped by several methods that require a previous identification of the pathogen species to circumvent the sequence polymorphism of t… Leer más

1 de marzo de 2016

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Oxford University Press

Description of an erm(B)-carrying Campylobacter coli isolate in Europe

Investigación publicada en The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

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