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Noticias de agosto de 2021

31 de agosto de 2021

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Conjugation Inhibitors Effectively Prevent Plasmid Transmission in Natural Environments

Artículo de investigación publicado en MBio

Plasmid conjugation is a major route for the spread of antibiotic resistance genes. Inhibiting conjugation has been proposed as a feasible strategy to stop or delay the propagation of antibiotic resistance genes. Several compounds have been shown to be conjugation inhibitors in vitro, specifically targeting the plasmid horizontal transfer machinery. However, the in vivo efficiency and the applicability of these compounds to clinical and environmental settings remained untested. Here we show that the synthetic fatty acid 2-hexadecynoic acid (2-HDA), when used as a fish food supplement, lowers t… Leer más

27 de agosto de 2021

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Frontiers in veterinary science

Effect of the inoculation site of bovine and avian purified protein derivatives (PPDs) on the performance of the intradermal tuberculin test in goats from tuberculosis- free and infected herds

Investigación publicada en Frontiers in veterinary science

The single and comparative intradermal tuberculin (SIT and CIT) tests are used for the ante-mortem diagnosis of caprine tuberculosis (TB). The tuberculin injection site has been associated with a different performance of the test in cattle. In contrast to that required in cattle in Europe (cervical injection), it can be carried out in the scapular region in goats. Nevertheless, there are no previous data concerning the effect of the injection site on the performance of the test in goats. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of two different inoculation sites (cervical and sc… Leer más

20 de agosto de 2021

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Frontiers in veterinary science

Epidemiological Factors Associated With Caligus rogercresseyi Infection, Abundance, and Spatial Distribution in Southern Chile

Investigación publicada en Frontiers in veterinary science

Sea lice (Caligus rogercresseyi) are external parasites that affect farmed salmonids in Chile, and the scale of their sanitary and economic impact cannot be overstated. Even though space-time patterns suppose parasite aggregation, specific locations related to different infestation levels, as well as their associated factors across the geographic range involved, had not been investigated as of the writing of the present article. The understanding of the effects and factors entailed by the presence of C. rogercresseyi may be deemed a key element of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In the prese… Leer más

12 de agosto de 2021

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Assigning Defined Daily/Course Doses for Antimicrobials in Turkeys to Enable a Cross-Country Quantification and Comparison of Antimicrobial Use

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens our public health and is mainly driven by antimicrobial usage (AMU). For this reason the World Health Organization calls for detailed monitoring of AMU over all animal sectors involved. Therefore, we aimed to quantify AMU on turkey farms. First, turkey-specific Defined Daily Dose (DDDturkey) was determined. These were compared to the broiler alternative from the European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (DDDvet), that mention DDDvet as a proxy for other poultry species. DDDturkey ranged from being 81.5% smaller to 48.5% larger compar… Leer más

11 de agosto de 2021

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Frontiers in veterinary science

Evaluation of the P22 ELISA for the detection of Mycobacterium bovis-specific antibodies in oral fluid samples obtained from goats

Artículo de investigación publicado en Frontiers in veterinary science

The ante-mortem diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in ruminants is based mainly on the intradermal tuberculin test and the IFN-γ assay. Antibody (Ab)-based tests have emerged as potential tools for the detection of TB infected animals using serum, plasma or even milk samples. Oral fluids have also been evaluated as alternative samples with which to detect specific Abs against M. bovis in pigs or wild boars, but not in ruminants. The objective of this study was, therefore, to evaluate the performance of an in house-ELISA for TB diagnosis (P22 ELISA) in goats as an experimental model for the di… Leer más

3 de agosto de 2021


Las 2 bacterias resistentes a antibióticos más importantes en porcino de Europa

Antibióticos en porcino

La EFSA ha señalado que E. coli y B. hyodysenteriae son las bacterias resistentes más relevantes en porcino para la Unión Europea…

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