1st Conference on Spatial Statistics 2011

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Health Surveillance Centre (VISAVET). Complutense University

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1st Conference on Spatial Statistics 2011

VISAVET function: participant

Organizer: ELSEVIER.

Place: University of Twente

City: Enschede

Country: The Netherlands

Date: March 23rd-25th, 2011

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Spatial statistics is a rapidly developing field which involves the quantitative analysis of spatial data and the statistical modelling of spatial variability and uncertainty. Applications of spatial statistics are for a broad range of environmental disciplines such as agriculture, geology, soil science, hydrology, ecology, oceanography, forestry, meteorology and climatology, but also for socio-economic disciplines such as human geography, spatial econometrics, epidemiology and spatial planning.
The aim of the meeting is to present interdisciplinary research where applicability in other disciplines is a central core concept