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Fish pathology

In recent years, parallel to the development of aquaculture and intensive production has been a rise in infectious diseases, some of which have been major losses. Our work in this field has been to make a correct diagnostic pathology and microbiological isolation to take appropriate preventive measures. It is therefore applied research. Sometimes, these cases are the starting point for further investigations in the field of disease pathogenesis both conventional and specific techniques such as immunohistochemical, molecular and / or MALDI TOF methods.


We also collaborate with other centers in carrying out histopathological studies on animal welfare and opportunistic pathogens in aquaculture.


1) Description of injuries caused by an infectious agent in an experimental studies on fish as well as its distribution in the body by means the use of monoclonal antibodies with immunohistochemical techniques.

2) Pathological characterization of infectious diseases in marine aquaculture.

Start date: January 1st, 2009

Head of the research line:
Rodríguez Bertos, Antonio Manuel

VISAVET unit involved:

•  Animal Pathology and Veterinary Forensic Unit (SAP)