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Proliferative and non proliferative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract in small animals

Our participation in Gastrointestinal Course supervised by Dr. I. van der Gaag and Liver Pathology leaded by T. van den Ingh at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), we started in this line of research. As a resulting investigations have been realized three PhD dissertations and numerous scientific articles in the JCR and communications at conferences national and international. Our research has focused on the differentiation of inflammatory disorders versus lymphosarcoma by means the use of immunohistochemical and molecular techniques. We have also made retrospective studies on epithelial lesions of the stomach and intestine, with special emphasis on cell cycle proteins which could be altered or participate in the transformation and expansion of benign or malignant neoplasms in dogs and cats.


1) Study of cell cycle oncoproteins involved in the development of neoplasms in the stomach and small intestine of pets.


2) Identification of early immunohistochemical biomarkers caracterizen passing a benign lesion to malignant. Prognosis.


3) Histological, immunohistochemical and molecular characterization of chronic enteritis linfoplasmocitaria digestive versus lymphoma.

Start date: September 10th, 1997

Head of the research line:
Rodríguez Bertos, Antonio Manuel

VISAVET unit involved:

•  Animal Pathology and Veterinary Forensic Unit (SAP)