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Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus and Toxoplasma gondii in pig farms in Toledo, Spain

Silvia Bermúdez Zapata defended this presentation at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid in order to obtain the Master of Research

September 21st, 2016

Toxoplasma gondii and the hepatitis E virus (VHE) are pathogens potentially zoonotic worldwide distributed that can be transmitted to humans through food consumption like pork meet. The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of T. gondii and VHE in pig production farms in Toledo province. For this purpouse, 790 samples of serum taken from sows in four farms located in Toledo province were analyzed. Antibodies detection in both microorganisms was made using an indirect ELISA. Antibodies against T. gondii were present in only 16 animals analyzed (2,0%; IC95%: 1,4 – 3,6 ), in two out of the four farms sampled. However, against the VHE 592 animals were seropositive, which is represent 83,5% (IC95%: 80,6 – 86,1) of seroprevalence, Positive animals were detected in all the farms assessed. No significant differences were found in VHE between farms. For T. gondii just one of the analyzed farms presented differences (P<0,001) when compared with the other farms, and this was associated to the presence of cats. Results obtained in this research work indicated that both pathogens studied were found in pig production farms in Toledo province, being of especially importance the VHE circulation, which could represent a threat for the public health. It is necessary to perform more epidemiological studies to improve the knowledge of the current situation of T. gondii and, especially, of the VHE in Spanish pigs, and therefore, to propose prevention and control strategies in Toledo province and in the entire country

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Silvia Bermúdez Zapata

TITLE: Seroprevalencia del virus de la hepatitis E y Toxoplasma gondii en granjas de producción porcina en Toledo, España

TYPE: Master Thesis

AUTHOR: Silvia Bermúdez Zapata


DATE: September 21st, 2016



Silvia Bermúdez Zapata. Seroprevalencia del virus de la hepatitis E y Toxoplasma gondii en granjas de producción porcina en Toledo, España. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. September 21st, 2016. (Master Thesis)