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Q fever importance in Europe nowadays

New online article published in VISAVET Outreach Journal

December 21st, 2009

Alvarez J.

Q fever is one of the most widespread neglected zoonoses worldwide, in spite of the fact that it can be considered as emerging or reemerging in many countries. The disease has been described in almost every country where its presence has been investigated with the sole described exception of New Zealand. However, many aspects of the Q fever and its causative agent, the obligate intracellular bacterium Coxiella burnetii, remain unclear although in the last years it has received a growing attention that could explain its “emergent” nature (due to the use of improved diagnostic techniques and enhanced vigilance in both Public Health and Animal Health sides)

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VISAVET Outreach Journal

TITLE: Q fever importance in Europe nowadays

TYPE: Online article

AUTHORS: Alvarez J.

Julio Álvarez Sánchez

JOURNAL: VISAVET Outreach Journal

LANGUAJE: English-spanish

DATE: December 21st, 2009

PUBLISHING COMPANY: VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre (U.C.M.)


Alvarez J. Q fever importance in Europe nowadays.. VISAVET Outreach Journal. VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre (U.C.M.). 2009. (Online article)