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VAV Network

Spanish Veterinary Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network

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      The Spanish VAV Network was created in 1997 following the integrated model initiated by Denmark (DANMAP). This network includes the surveillance of healthy animals, sick animals and food of animal origin.

Chronologically, the first program launched was the sick animal population whose data began in 1997. The program of healthy animals began at the end of 1998 while the food of animal origin started in 2000. Since then, all these samplings were supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) and the Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM).

The objectives proposed by this network includes both Animal Health and Public Health, in order to provide service to both sectors.

Antimicrobials included in these surveillance programs include products of clinical use in veterinary medicine, former growth promoters and products frequently used in human medicine. Currently, greater importance is attached to the appearance and diffusion of antimicrobial resistance of the group of beta-lactams after the identification of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (BLEEs and AmpC) and carbapenemases. Likewise, the recent appearance of plasmid genes linked to colistin resistance in enterobacteria (mcr-1, mcr-2, mcr-3 and mcr-4) has triggered warnings about this antimicrobial.

The determination techniques are adapted to the criteria established by the different Organisms such as plate microdilution and agar diffusion, obtaining Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) or Inhibition Diameter (DHI) data respectively.

The data obtained through the Network's program are reflected in the corresponding reports issued to the organizations involved, which send this information to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). This information is included in the annual report that EFSA and the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) carry out with the information of all the member countries of the European Union.‚Äč

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  • Food of Animal Origin Programme