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Auxiliary Slaughterhouse Technicias in Madrid

Health Surveillance Laboratory. 7th of May to 3rd of August, 2007.

From the 7th of May to the 3rd of August of 2007 a theorical-practical course is taking place. Training for personal supporting the offical control management in the slaughterhouses of the Comunidad de Madrid. The course includes 250 hours of lectures and 200 hours of practical lessons. Lectures will be hold in the VISAVET Health Surveillance Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCM),. Practical lessons will be hold in the Slaugtherhouse and necropsy room under the supervision of an offical veterinary inspector. The course has been promoted and organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCM), the regional Health and Consumption Ministry of Madrid and the corporation Tragsega.

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Days: 7th May to 3rd August, 2007
Schedule: From 9:00 am to 18:00 pm
Location: Conference room of Health Surveillance Laboratory

Program: 9 modules with 15 tematic areas (250 hours)

Module I: Introduction to meet industry.
Module II: Anatomy and Physiology. Pathology. ETT anad Zoonosis. Microbiaology and Parasitology. Parasitology and Trichinosis detection.
Module III: Pre-mortem examination. Welfare.
Module IV: post-mortem examination.
Module V: Sampling.
Module VI: Methods and procedures.
Module VII: Hygiene. Autocontrol.
Module VIII: Administrative Tasks.
Module IX: Legislation.


Days: 22nd May to 3rd August, 2007
Schedule: From 7:00 am to 15:00 pm

Program: 3 groups (200 hours)

Grupo 1: San Agustín de Guadalix Slaugtherhouse

Grupo 2: Getafe slaughterhouse

Grupo 3: Vallecas and Leganés slaughterhouse


Date: 7 of May to 3rd of August, 2007.

Place: Health Surveillance Laboratory, Madrid.

Language: Spanish

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