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Will we ever eradicate animal tuberculosis?

Artículo de investigación publicado en Irish veterinary journal

22 de septiembre de 2023

Two characteristics of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) are particularly relevant for tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology and control, namely the ability of this group of pathogens to survive in the environment and thereby facilitate indirect transmission via water or feed, and the capacity to infect multiple host species including human beings, cattle, wildlife, and domestic animals other than cattle. As a consequence, rather than keeping the focus on certain animal species regarded as maintenance hosts, we postulate that it is time to think of complex and dynamic multi-host MTC maintenance communities where several wild and domestic species and the environment contribute to pathogen maintenance. Regarding the global situation of animal TB, many industrialized countries have reached the Officially Tuberculosis Free status. However, infection of cattle with M. bovis still occurs in most countries around the world. In low- and middle-income countries, human and animal TB infection is endemic and bovine TB control programs are often not implemented because standard TB control through testing and culling, movement control and slaughterhouse inspection is too expensive or ethically unacceptable. In facing increasingly complex epidemiological scenarios, modern integrated disease control should rely on three main pillars: (1) a close involvement of farmers including collaborative decision making, (2) expanding the surveillance and control targets to all three host categories, the environment, and their interactions, and (3) setting up new control schemes or upgrading established ones switching from single tool test and cull approaches to integrated ones including farm biosafety and vaccination

Gortazar C., de la Fuente J., Perello A. y Dominguez L..

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Will we ever eradicate animal tuberculosis?

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Will we ever eradicate animal tuberculosis?


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Irish veterinary journal
2.900 2023

NLMID: 100762

PMID: 37737206

ISSN: 0368-0762

TÍTULO: Will we ever eradicate animal tuberculosis?


NUMERACIÓN: 76(Suppl 1):24

AÑO: 2023


AUTORES: Gortazar C., de la Fuente J., Perello A. and Dominguez L..

Christian Gortazar Schmidt
José de Jesús de la Fuente García
Lucas Domínguez Rodríguez



Gortazar C., de la Fuente J., Perello A. y Dominguez L. Will we ever eradicate animal tuberculosis?. Irish veterinary journal. 76(Suppl 1):24. 2023. (A). ISSN: 0368-0762 . DOI: 10.1186/s13620-023-00254-9