Integrated solutions for tuberculosis
control in animals combining vaccination
and multi-species diagnostics

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Recent studies have showed estimations of worldwide 50 million cattle infections with Mycobacterium bovis, at a cost to the agricultural community of 2-3 billion per year. In developing countries, M. bovis infection is still widespread, in both cattle and humans. Even in developed countries, successful eradication of disease from livestock is hampered by the presence of wildlife reservoirs of M. bovis. Under these circumstances, a single case of a reportable disease in livestock can result in serious economic consequences for the producer, public, and governments. Within this scenario, there is room and clear business opportunities for integrated control products or solutions that aim at addressing what is considered a global problem, animal tuberculosis.

The overall objective is to take the results of the TB-STEP project - Strategies for the eradication of bovine tuberculosis, funded under FP7-KBBE-2007 with project number 212414, where most of the WildTBVac partners were involved, and build a pre-commercial set of TB control solutions by means of testing the technical and economical viability of the aforementioned integrated approach.

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