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Sarcoptes scabiei

Sarcoptes scabiei

Sarcoptes scabiei


  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Phylum Arthropoda
  • Class Arachnida
  • Order Astigmata
  • Family Sarcoptidae
  • Genus Sarcoptes

Final host

  • All domestic mammals and humans


  • Adults: small burrowing astigmatic mites (≈ 0.25-0.4 mm) with circular bodies and short legs (the two hind pair of legs not visible from above)
  • The dorsal surface of the body is covered with transverse ridges and a central patch of triangular scales
  • The gnathosoma is rounded
  • Legs 1 and 2 of females or 1-3 of males bearing a terminal sucker-like pulvillus
  • The two hind pair of legs of the female and the last pair of legs in the mail lack a sucker and instead terminate in long setae


  • Direct
  • The entire life cycle (egg, larva, nymphal stages and adult) occurs on the host


  • Strateum corneum of the epidermis


  • Lymph and skin desquamated cells


  • Larvae, nymphs and adults


  • Larvae, nymphs and adults