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Varroa destructor

Varroa destructor

Varroa destructor


  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Phylum Arthropoda
  • Class Arachnida
  • Order Mesostigmata
  • Family Varroidae
  • Genus Varroa

Final host

  • Honey bees


  • Adults show a distinct sexual dimorphism, the female (≈ 1.5 mm) has a flattened ellipsoidal idiosoma with greater width than length whereas the male body is pear shaped
  • In both sexes the idiosoma comprises one dorsal shield and different ventral shields
  • The legs of the males are longer in relation to the body size than the legs of females
  • The gnathosoma is situated anteroventrally, forming the mouthparts which consist of two sensory pedipalps and two chelicerae


  • The entire life cycle occurs within the bee hive, consisting on a phoretic stage as a parasite on adult bees and a reproductive stage inside the sealed brood cells


  • Exoskeleton surface


  • Hemolymph


  • Adult females


  • Adult females