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SEVEMUR Madrid Emergency Veterinary Service

SEVEMUR is Madrid Emergeny Veterinary Service of Madrid Salud managed by VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre of Complutense University of Madrid, in charge of health care for homeless animals in the streets of the city of Madrid and epidemiological study of diseases. This team is formed by a highly qualified Veterinary staff available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. They are provided with a special vehicle equipped with all the necessary devices for animal health emergencies, tools for catching, managing and moving the animales, as well as systems for their identification.

The performed services are:

  • Pick up of the abandoned animals in the streets, or without a known owner, and also medical care for an eventual injury or sickness.
  • Should the animal be satisfactorily identified, SEVEMUR will undertake the procedures to find its owners, and to return it to them.
  • Procedures for the transfer and admission of the animals in the Animal Protection Center.
  • Give support to the Animal Welfare Centre, in the pick up of abandoned animals, in those hours or situations when it might be necessary (nights, weekends, non-labour days, and other situations with excess of demand for the emergency services).


VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre
Universidad Complutense
Av. Puerta de Hierro s/n. 28040 Madrid. Spain

Monday to Friday 08h-18h

Animal Protection Center (CPA). MadridSalud
Ctra. Barrio de la Fortuna 33. 28054 Madrid

Monday to Friday 18h-0h
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 24h

Municipal Police / Emergency

Phones: 913 094 135 / 915 111 363
/ 915 110 511

Phones: 092 / 112


Head of unit
Carmen Bárcena Asensio
PhD in Veterinary Sciences

Unit staff
José Antonio Blázquez Rangel

José Antonio Blázquez Rangel

Degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM)