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Infequus is born from a Project of Innovation and the Teaching Quality Improvement of the Universidad Complutense Madrid whose object is to provide a technological tool in the field of the infectious diseases of the equidae, at the same time that it allows the extension of knowledge by part of the student during the veterinary degree and later in his working life.

Project Infequus

Project of Innovation and the Teaching Quality Improvement of the Complutense Univeristy of Madrid. Project number: 219. Call: 2017/2018

The infectious pathology is the science that studies the diseases whose cause are the infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites). In the case of the equine species, infectious diseases dominate the field of clinical medicine, besides being of vital importance for the industry due to its devastating effects on the economy in this sector.

In the case of Veterinary, the future clinical professionals dedicated to horses will require a transversal knowledge that encompasses different disciplines including internal medicine and infectious pathology, and therefore the teaching tools that allow the student to have a global and transversal vision before a Clinical case are of vital importance. As a consequence of globalization, the appearance of new pathogens is becoming more frequent, as well as the discovery of new mechanisms of pathogenesis and advances in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. All this makes periodic updating in this area of knowledge essential.

The objective of this project is focused on the development of the training tool that will provide students with up-to-date information on the diagnosis and control of the most relevant diseases in the equine species, including exotic or emerging diseases, and the performance of a differential diagnosis of infectious diseases of equidae based on clinical signs. This tool can be used by teachers in theoretical teaching and seminars, being very useful for its application by students themselves in those subjects in which clinical cases are presented. Although this online tool is initially designed for in-grade training of students mainly in fourth and fifth grade, it will still be useful to the veterinarian in his first stage of work for an update of emerging diseases or in certain occasions as a support tool for differential diagnosis before the suspicion of infectious pathology in a horse.

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