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December 1st, 1995

Determination of the principal sources of Listeria spp. Contamination in Poultry meat and a Poultry Processing plant

Journal Of Food Protection 58 (12):1320-1325.

     The presence of Listeria spp. in chicken drumsticks, wings, breasts, and livers taken from a poultry processing plant was investigated. The poultry pieces found to be most contaminated were drumstick meat and skin, with 96% of samples shown to contain Listeria spp. Drumsticks contained the highest number of Listeria spp., with counts in many cases exceeding 3 log CFU/g for skin and muscle. Samples were also taken from various surfaces in the processing plant, where the most contaminated areas were found to be in the final stages of meat processing. Three samples were positive for Listeria spp. immediately after washing and disinfection had taken place. The results suggest that drumsticks are responsible for a large amount of the contaminati… Leer más

Franco CM., Quinto EJ., Fente C., Rodriguez JL., Dominguez L. and Cepeda A.

September 1st, 1995

Molecular identification of pathogenic actinomycetes: a new approach

International Microbiology 11(3):403-4.

Fernandez-Garayzabal JF.

February 1st, 1995

Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of some unknown coryneform bacteria isolated from bovine blood and milk: description of Sanguibacter gen.nov.

Letters In Applied Microbiology 20(2):69-75.

     16S rRNA gene sequencing studies were performed on some Gram-positive coryneform bacteria of unknown taxonomic position isolated from blood and milk of healthy cows. Comparative sequence analysis demonstrated that the milk isolates corresponded to Oerskovia xanthineolytica whereas those from blood consisted of two distinct, albeit highly related species, within the family Cellulomonadaceae. Based on the phylogenetic and phenotypic distinctiveness of the blood isolates, it is proposed that they be classified in a new genus Sanguibacter… Leer más

Fernandez-Garayzabal JF., Dominguez L., Pascual C., Jones D. and Collins MD.

January 1st, 1995

Description of human-derived Centers for Disease Control coryneform group 2 bacteria as Actinomyces bernardiae sp. nov

International Journal Of Systematic Bacteriology 45(1):57-60.

     Biochemical, chemotaxonomic, and molecular methods were used to establish the precise taxonomic position of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) coryneform group 2 bacteria. The results of a comparative 16S rRNA sequence analysis demonstrated that the CDC coryneform group 2 bacteria constitute a distinct species within the genus Actinomyces. Actinomyces pyogenes was found to be the closest genealogical relative of the CDC coryneform group 2 bacteria, although these taxa were readily distinguished from each other and other Actinomyces spp. by using phenotypic criteria. On the basis of our findings we propose the name Actinomyces bernardiae sp. nov. for the CDC coryneform group 2 bacteria. The type strain is DSM 9152 (CCUG 33419)… Leer más

Funke G., Ramos CP., Fernandez-Garayzabal JF., Weiss N. and Collins MD.

January 1st, 1995

Simple and rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex organisms in bovine tissue samples by PCR

Journal Of Clinical Microbiology 33(1):33-6.

     Mycobacterium bovis is a slowly growing microorganism, and confirmation of the diagnosis by conventional culture is a lengthy process. A simple, rapid method for the extraction of DNA from bovine tissue samples was developed and used in a PCR designed for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Tissues from 81 cattle from tuberculosis-infected herds (group 1) and 19 cattle from tuberculosis-free herds (group 2) were tested in this PCR, and the results were compared with those of conventional culture. The PCR assay detected 71.4% of the culture-positive animals from group 1. Tissue from all animals in group 2 were negative in the PCR assay and by culture. The described method could be used as a rapid screening technique which would be complementary t… Leer más

Liebana E., Aranaz A., Mateos A., Vilafranca M., Gomez-Mampaso E., Tercero JC., Alemany J., Suarez G., Domingo M. and Dominguez L..

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